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Community Focused Services

CFS Strategic Plan 2009

This plan outlines the CYPP's vision for developing Community Focused Services within Powys.

The aim of this strategy is to improve outcomes for children and young people through better early intervention and prevention of difficulties for children and their families and through improved co-ordination of both universal and targeted support services.

The CYPP has been developing this strategy over a significant period of time and is immensely proud of the vision it has created, the progress it has made and the commitment of all the partners involved to its full and effective implementation.

The strategy outlines the various management structures, services and tools that the CYPP is putting in place to support the integration of services and promote the early intervention and prevention of difficulties for children, young peoples and their families. 

Details of a blueprint for a physical ‘primary hub’ from which a range of integrated services could be delivered is included, along with an action plan to demonstrate the key milestones in delivering the strategy and required.

Download the Community Focused Services Plan here -

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