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Multi-Agency Senior Management Board

A locally based multi-agency service which provides early intervention and prevention of difficulties for those who have additional needs is a key priority for the CYPP. In order to achive this senior officers with a responsibility for operational delivery of key services must work effectively  together to meet the needs of children, young people and their families and extend productivity within their area. 

The CYPP has set out a clear geographical framework within which services can be either commissioned or reconfigured to form fully integrated local delivery models; creating real or virtual teams for a specified population base or community. These include the provision of services on a county, area or a shire-wide basis.


To deliver the vision and principles of the Children and Young People’s Plan.

To provide strategic and operational leadership at a local and shire based level.

To provide leadership in respect of the change process in terms of people as well as processes and structures.

To provide a framework for effective communication and the establishing and building of relationships which will model how we expect services to be delivered at an operational level within the local areas and shires.

To provide a work environment which will focus on cultural change and working practises necessary to make the sharing of information more effective.

To identify local need and to be able to respond creatively to this through both the redirecting of services and the commissioning of services.

To have responsibility for developing and commissioning (possibly tier 3/4) provision that is uneconomical to commission and deliver at a local area level. Of the client group most at risk within the areas under their direction/management.

To put in place systems of monitoring, challenging and scrutinising the care plans, health plans and personal education plans of the client group most at risk within the areas under their direction/management

To oversee the work and activity of the LRSP’s that are operating within their area.

To present the care plan, health plan and education plan to the C&YP Multi-Agency Approval Panel when the needs of a particular child or young person exceed the resources and capabilities of local/shire based provision.

To provide a structure through which key strategic developments of the CYPP can be disseminated and delivered.

To provide the CYPP with more detailed information and feedback from the six areas .e.g. local demand, resourcing and development of local multi-agency teams, accommodation requirements, governance/accountability issues.

To provide professional support to each other and at the same time, learn and understand from each other’s professional roles and responsibilities.

To understand and collect information from the wealth of activity in the community and voluntary sector.

To consider and understand workforce requirements and training issues and input this information through the CYPP workforce development strategy of the CYPP.

To provide leadership and support to the implementation of CAF within the six local areas.