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The 10 Entitlements

Under the Extending Entitlement banner every young person in Wales has the basic entitlement to:

  1. Education, training and work experience-  tailored to their needs

  2. Basic skills which open doors to a full life and promote social inclusion

  3. A wide and varied range of opportunities to participate in volunteering and active citizenship.

  4. High quality, responsive, and accessible services and facilities.

  5. Independent, specialist careers advice guidance, student support and counselling services.

  6. Personal support and advice - where and when it is needed and in appropriate formats- with clear ground rules on confidentiality.

  7. Advice on health, housing benefits and other issues provided in accessible and welcoming settings.

  8. Recreational and social opportunities in a safe and accessible environment.

  9. Sporting, artistic, musical and outdoor experiences to develop talents, broaden horizons and promote rounded perspectives including both national and international contexts.

  10. The right to be consulted, to participate in decision making, and to be heard, on all matters which concern them or have an impact on their lives.

These should be delivered in an environment where there is :

  • A positive focus on achievement overall and what young people have to contribute.
  • A focus on building young people's capacity to become independent, make choices and participate in the democratic process
  • A celebration of young people's success.

The establishment of these entitlements is based on the principles which the Welsh Assembly Government believes should inform the development of services to support young people in Wales.

Key to this proces is the 'aim of promoting the participation and acheivement of all young people in Wales through universal entitlement to quality services.

  • To support and encourage all young people to develop as individuals and to enthuse them with the value of learning.
  • To develop a proportionate response to those in need of extra support.
  • To focus on what young people can contribute and give them opportunities to influence services that affect them.
  • To raise the quality and extend the diversity of what is offered to young people so that they are motivated to participate in learning as citizens.
  • To recognise the diverse nature of Wales' communities in order to produce better outcomes for young people.