Children & Young Peoples Partnership - Partneriaeth Plant a Phobl Ifanc

Powys CYPP

Powys CYPP

The Children and Young People's Partnership is a group of organisations working together to improve the lives of children and young people in Powys. They aim to achieve this through the delivery of the Children and Young People's Plan and to ensure that every child and young person:

    • Has a flying start in life
    • Has a comprehensive range of education and learning opportunities
    • Enjoys the best possible health and is free from abuse, victimisation and exploitation
    • Has access to play, leisure, sporting and cultural activities
    • Is listened to, treated with respect, and has their race and cultural identity recognised
    • Has a safe home and a community which supports physical and emotional wellbeing
    • Is not disadvantaged by poverty

The shared vision of the Powys Children and Young People's Partnership is that:

All children and young people living in Powys reach their full potential by having access to the services they need and that those services value and respect them (and their parents and carers) and promote their health, wellbeing, learning and development.

In Focus

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Levels of Need

A Guide to Levels of Need and Service Responses


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Levels of Need and Interventions Wallchart


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