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CAF (Child and Family Assessment)

The CAF assessment is a common method for recognising the unmet needs of a child or young person as early as possible. It is about identifying and intervening earlier and preventing those needs from escalating.

The CAF is:

·         An assessment of strengths and needs of child AND family.

·         Used at tier 2 (targeted service level)

·         Holistic, not specialist

·         An assessment involving a conversation with the child and family

The CAF enables children and young people to receive:

·         The universal services they are entitled to

·         Any additional services they require at the earliest opportunity

·         A picture of their needs which is built up over time

·         Improved understanding by using a common language

·         Improved co-ordination and consistency between assessments

All practitioners who work with children and their families need to be able to undertake a CAF, or know who can complete a CAF within their own organisation.  A CAF is best undertaken by someone who already knows the child.

A CAF is completed when referral to one single agency is not able to meet all the needs of the child. As a rule of thumb, wherever more than two universal services (e.g. health and education), and one tier 2 service are working with the child, a CAF should be completed to help co-ordinate service delivery and ensure appropriate information is shared across agencies.

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