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Team Around the Family (TAF)

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Welsh Government’s Families First programme promotes clear systems for multi-agency support, with an emphasis on prevention and early intervention. The Team Around the Family (TAF) model of working is named in the Families First guidance as the backbone of this integrated working.

These are the kinds of things TAF could help with:

  • Help with changing or managing challenging behaviour
  • Parenting: routines; health; stimulation; boundaries etc.
  • Help with stressful family relationships or friendships
  • Activities to support a child’s development
  • Listening to the child and help to find positive solutions to worries
  • Access to sports, play and leisure
  • Help with social isolation
  • Help avoiding anti-social behaviour
  • Support through times of change
  • Improving a child’s self esteem 
  • Support to engage with school or training

In Powys the TAF process has four parts.  

  • The Child and Family Assessment (CAF) form is the access or referral form completed by a practitioner with a parent/carer and the child, or young person. This assessment includes the child and family strengths as well as any needs for support.
  • The CAF goes to the TAF Co-ordination Team who look at the support required for the child and family. Via a triage process, the team proposes suitable interventions that can be offered to the family. Practitioners are identified who will act as the Family Contact and other members of the Team Around the Family. These are put to the family for approval.
  • In more complex cases, where further input is required on what support would be suitable, a discussion is held by the TAF Panel. Suitable support and agencies for the Team Around the Family are identified at the local Panel meeting. The family has the opportunity to approve the suggestions and contribute their own by attending the TAF Panel, if they wish. 
  • A ‘Team Around the Family’ (or ‘Team Around the Young Person’ if they do not have family) meeting is then arranged involving those directly working with the child/young person/family and an action plan is devised. Further meetings are held regularly to review, monitor and add to this plan.  

For more information contact the TAF Co-ordination Team

Tel: 01597 826246     Email:


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Watch this film for children, young people and families to find out how TAF can help you and your family and hear how it has supported others.

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