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Families First

Powys CYPP has taken a wide strategic and collaborative approach with all public partner bodies in Powys via the Local Service Board Membership and the One Powys Yn Un. This is a single integrated plan that focuses on safeguarding and reducing inequality. The model and framework for Families First has been developed as a result of a Strategic Needs Assessment that identified 10 Outcomes for the One Plan, these are:-

  1. People in Powys live in supportive, sharing and self-reliant communities
  2. People in Powys benefit from a thriving diverse economy
  3. People in Powys have the skills to pursue their ambition
  4. Powys families are safe and supportive places in which to live
  5. People in Powys are healthy and independent
  6. People in Powys live in good quality affordable homes
  7. People in Powys enjoy a clean, safe and green environment
  8. People in Powys feel and are safe and confident
  9. People in Powys are supported to get out of poverty
  10. People in Powys can easily access the services they need

The Families First Programme, together with a new Integrated Family Support Service, also established from the 1 April 2012, sits within Outcome 4 but will also impact on a number of other outcomes. Action throughout the Powys One Plan will also help to address the poverty agenda under Outcome 9 and a matrix in the One Plan has been designed to illustrate this.

The Families First Plan recognises that children, young people and families in Powys need coherent support, tailored to their individual circumstances, through a single point of access. The priority is to develop local (community) partnership working that offers this support, across a range of issues of relevance, including unemployment, education, health, housing, parenting, benefits, debt, skills, and substance misuse.

Through a process of whole systems change, it is proposed to establish a combined framework for the development and improvement of universal services together with a networked approach to protect and meet the needs of vulnerable children and their families. Key strands of the strategy being promoted are:-

  • Better prevention and earlier intervention.
  • Inclusion for the most vulnerable and disenfranchised children and young people including those who have been excluded and / or have additional needs.
  • A stronger emphasis on parenting and families and providing better universal and targeted support.
  • Workforce development and reform with a view to developing a skilled and flexible children and young people’s services workforce
  • More integration and accountability through the way services are planned, commissioned and delivered, particularly at community level.

As this approach develops we will move incrementally towards a Progressive Universal Pathway which recognises that any family may require additional support at some time during their child’s life. Timely and appropriate support will be critical to preventing the escalation of difficulties for children and families. The model we propose looks to establish this methodology over a period of at least five years so that it becomes mainstream practice and will ensure that Progressive Universalism also allows for universal services to access and provide additional support / intervention for families with higher levels of need than traditionally they will have been involved with.

Key aspects of our Families First Model include a number of commissioning priorities one of which sits within the Community Safety Partnership (CSP). They are

  • Powys Joint Assessment Family Framework
  • A single point of access through any universal or targeted service.
  • A universally adopted Assessment Framework that helps to identify child, young person and family strengths as well as areas where they may need help and support to build their own capacity and resilience and eventually meet their own needs.
  • Six Local Resource Solution Panels where a range of partners can offer ideas and resources to support the identified needs and review progress and achieved outcomes.
  • Team Around the Family (TAF) approach that ensures the child, young person and family work together with key nominated services on a single plan designed to meet need.

We also aim to establish a simplified set of services who can work as part of the TAF and have been identified as a priority from our needs assessment process, these include:-

  • An Integrated Substance Mis-use Service (already commissioned by Powys CSP)
  • An Integrated Disability Service for Children and Young People
  • An Integrated Family and Behaviour Support Service (Tier 2)
  • An Integrated Mental Health and Wellbeing Service
  • A range of other infrastructure requirements have also been built in to the Families First Plan, such as:-
  • The co-location of services on the same site in order to reduce travel and confusion
  • Improved participation of children, young people and their families in planning, developing and delivering services
  • Improved information and data to help families and professionals identify needs quicker, reduce duplication and clearly sign post where to get help and support
  • Improving the skills and ability of the workforce to deliver all the above.

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