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Youth Intervention Service

The Youth Intervention Service helps vulnerable young people at an early stage to address their difficulties as soon as possible and prevent their problems escalating.

The service, established as part of Powys Children and Young People’s Partnership, works with staff from across different agencies and teams and provides support to young people and families throughout the county.

Without help, these young people are at future risk of further problems such as substance misuse, youth offending, teenage pregnancy and homelessness.

Support is provided through the following workers:

  • Youth Intervention Service Workers offer 11-25 year olds and their families support, mainly through Local Resource Solution Panel (LRSP) referrals.  LRSPs are monthly meetings to coordinate a range of family support services.
  • Youth Inclusion Support Panel Key Workers support young people aged 8-17 to prevent anti-social behaviour and offending
  • Community Support Officers 16+ work with vulnerable young people aged 16-18 with housing and other needs.

For more information email or contact the Youth Intervention Service Coordinators on 01874 615986 (South Powys) / 01686 614035 (North Powys).